Poema meu

E eu decididamente não tencionava postar mais nada hoje, mas decidi aproveitar e colocar um poema que escrevi recentemente, criticando a cisheteronormatividade, e o quanto isso não faz bem a ninguém.

Angles are straight.
Computers are binary.
r.cis(π) is a formula.
Nothing is arbitrary.

We're trapped on extremes.
We pretend it fits...
It's a logic that fails people,
only suited for machines.

People can belong to sides,
but we're not black and white.
Not everyone is groom and bride;
Gray-areas are a valid site.

Angles are straight.
People can be, too;
Still, if someone breaks the pattern,
treat them like you'd treat you.

Names and experiences
are not to be hidden,
are not to be chidden.
Stop being blind.

Being gray is not a sin;
Ignorance is, and it's
not arbitrary.
Start being kind

...with yourself.

Pronto, agora terminou mesmo.
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